To Silent Blog Followers

‘Here lies the follower who’ll never read this post. He is here forever dead’. *

When all the pleasures & joys of first long-expected followers are over, when blogging becomes a part of daily routine, sometimes even boring to death, you start realizing that it has its own dark & secret sides too. A thought to start a blog, to become famous all over the world is so seducing for many of us. Reality teaches that it’s a hard work & reward is often less than we expect… If we ever may expect anything of the kind from such an Uranic activity as blogging.

So, we are all happy with our followers. They make us feel a kind of a pride for what we’ve written. Sooner or later they become our friends, even our family. And that’s a really wonderful opportunity blogging gives to each of us. However, there are plenty of silent visitors who subscribe & vanish somewhere in a blogging space. As usual, once & for all. I wonder who are they? What are their intention to join the blogging space and what are their reasons not to go on the dialogue? What sign do silent bloggers bring with them? Or, maybe, they subscribe to pay me an old karmic debt? And the biggest question is: why myself I don’t visit all those wonderful people I’ve subscribed to? Does it mean that karmic laws work in hyper space in the same manner they do in reality? If so, then, may be, our silent followers can be regarded as pilgrims from other dimensions, whose main duty is to maintain the balance of blogging universe with silence?

*Paraphrasing my favourite author Milorad Pavic. The original quote can be found in his book ‘The Dictionary of the Khazars.’ 

Maria KethuProfumo


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29 Responses to To Silent Blog Followers

  1. [ Smiles ] Oh, I have examined this phenomenon when I used to blog on WordPress. I learned that a percentage of one’s following will abandon their blogs, while there are those people who will follow more blogs than they can actually visit in a year’s time.

  2. smilecalm says:

    wonderful question, Maria!
    if i knew
    i’d tell you
    where i go,
    and return
    from 🙂

  3. Maybe they are like the silent majority. Why not write something controversial to see if they will come forward.

  4. HesterLeyNel says:

    A great number of the bloggers are involved in “harvesting” (soliciting) followers, something which has blown over from social media; they follow blogs at random in the expectation of getting return-follows. I know of one blogger that started writing a blog, not anything that really makes sense to anybody, but after just a few weeks he had 3000 followers. I think it is just about time for me to purge my list of followers.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thank you, dear Hester. I have the same suspicious too. In any case blogging means communication….well…at least I believe in it. Anytime I ponder on a post, I ask myself how much you would like it. Have a nice Sunday! 🙂

  5. adhandmade says:

    it’s a very nice topic ..
    I wonder just like you, that silent blog followers..
    it makes no sense to me, even if only for collect follower..
    With love.. 🙂 ❤

  6. Pupazzovi says:

    È una bella domanda alla quale nonso rispondere mi piace però il tuo pensiero quando dici che i follower diventani parte della nostra quotidianità, amici, quasi parenti

  7. I think blogging is like real life, Maria. You meet lots of people but you only become good friends with some of them. Have a happy week, my friend.

  8. Maria, who can understand man’s fickle nature? Meaningful connections online require time, commitment, and genuine interest in the other. As in our face-to-face relationships, such connections cannot be numbered in the hundreds or thousands.

  9. Whatever the reasons for silent visitors and followers, Maria, I am grateful that I found your blog and have had a chance to learn from your posts, comments, and insights. ❤

  10. kutukamus says:

    This makes me recall the first few months of my blogging experience (with a scrabble/poetry blog of mine, not this one). Every time I hit the ‘publish button’, Voila! within seconds I got a number ‘likes’ and/or ‘follows’. Wow! I didn’t know I am that good.. Then I noticed that the post-counter was still zero. Nada. Nobody had viewed/opened it just yet. 🙂

  11. theburningheart says:

    If you ask me, why I blog, straightforwardly will tell you it’s because I like reading, and love the written word, and through the years I have been soaked to saturation point by it, to the time, when like in osmosis, the process has been reverted, and now it’s my time to give back what I had soaked.
    Do I expect many people to read my blog?
    Well, we all can be seduced by the serpent into believe what Adam, and Eve bought!
    But naturally, experience set our mind straight, and we come to realize, it’s just a dream after all, in an age, where almost everybody reads for mere entertainment, and easy manipulated by mass marketing, into consume, and read commercial garbage, and not to cultivate a proper education, or to thirst for great taste in Literature, well, what can you expect?
    Not to be read, it’s our lot, but we will continue for the foreseeable future, for the love of it.

    True reading, and writing, will remain an Aristocracy for the few, and not a democracy.

    Thank you Maria! 🙂

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Dear Mr. Brigido, thank you for your observation. Well…I doubt that reading & writing will ever remain an Aristocracy. The cultural revolution is on the way. I mean the way back to many good things of the past. Though, it’s great that we pass this poisonous experience. To see ignorance with our own eyes is not the same to hear of it. 🙂

      • theburningheart says:

        I commend your positive attitude, myself not so optimistic, however you are right, the word aristocracy, I would change for the word meritocracy.

      • kethuprofumo says:

        Well…aristocracy has been before 1789. Speaking about meritocracy…All in God’s power. And only he knows who is the true knowledge bearer nowadays. And His Enoys of light will come from common people. That’s obvious. I guess it explains why so many of us get education & able to write and read. However, books themselves are another problem. There is so much printed garbage & false currents that aim to exchange the Truth with a falsification.

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