How Old Is Your Soul?

We’ve got used to perceive age from a terrestrial point of view. All of us are squeezed into the frames of artificial Time, that on the one hand helps not to get lost in season trains and on the other  has nothing to do with the Universe flow of life. Staying on Earth we have to obey the planet schedule, though the age of our physical body is too often doesn’t correspond to our Soul’s one. When we’re young it’s not easy to understand who is more mature, who is less, for the youth is always crazy & calls to make extravagant things. However having entered the maturity we can easily discover that something is getting wrong: some people keep the joy of spirit & enjoy the life, while the others become gloomy & prefer loneliness. I suppose they are signs that our Soul has its age too.

In fact, it must do! Everything bears, gets mature and old, even Time itself. Soul is not an exception. Another point is how long these phases last. Who knows how many centuries we stay indeed children. What happens to our Soul when it becomes young or gets completely old…Though I doubt that there are too many old Souls in the Universe yet. 🙂

If we consider our own Soul, I’m sure it will hint us its true age. And we should keep it in mind, knowing that our essence is unable to be younger or older. It’s as it’s in the very moment of life. And may be the Universe celebrates our Soul’s birthday that very instance moving us to a new stage of our personal development!… One can hardly guess what’s going on up there in the Milky way sparkling in festive star lights. One can only feels it in his bosom.

Maria Kethuprofumo


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28 Responses to How Old Is Your Soul?

  1. adhandmade says:

    Great post.. Happy weekend.. With love.. 🙂 ❤

  2. Enjoyed this. My soul is much younger than my body. 😀

  3. Great post Maria, have a nice weekend!!!

  4. A beautiful post, Maria. I think often, age is partially in the mind. Some people stay young at heart their whole life and others become old when they are very young.

  5. fulvialuna1 says:

    Chi potrà mai dircelo?

  6. I love this, Maria! ❤

  7. Sweta Ojha says:

    How old is your soul is all that matters! Very well said. ☺

  8. My Nans 70 going on 27, she has Facebook and twitter on her iPad, still likes to dance if her knees hold out and people are always shocked when she tells them her age. Lovely post 😊

  9. I loved this post. kkk ❤ ❤

  10. Interesting topic. I think of the soul as ageless. After all, “time” is an earthly construct.

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