Old Mirrors: Windows with Forgotten Views

Old mirrors are full of mysteries. They reign in great halls & galleries, reflecting faded beauty of the old days. They have seen all the shades of human nature, glory & misery, wisdom & foolishness of mankind. And praised be craftsmen who have made them: perhaps, they could hardly imagined that their works would last over centuries and would be so lucky to become famous & very wise.

These gorgeous glasses, absorbed layers of real Time, always keep the air of their original view. No matter how many years have passed, no matter if they have never been moved, this first cheerful meeting with the world might be easily read in their reflections. They are tunnels connecting us with alive History, for there are so many ones interested to look in a mirror and we face their shades constantly whenever we are in front. The feeling of uneasiness mixed with curiosity fills the heart. Why won’t the mirror  tell about them? What if  once I had been among this crowd.. for there are so many lives we pass on Earth! Who knows where I’ve left my footprints…And what is it: to see your own reflection through Time, to meet with yourself many centuries after? Does it mean to resurrect a particle of your own History or to run our personal Time in a new direction?

Sometimes the old mirrors are covered with a black veil. As if they wish to hide something from us. As if they want to save a bit of the forgotten view only for themselves. We should respect their choice and if we’re eager to learn at least the essence of their secret, we could reconstruct the picture ourselves.

Old mirrors…I guess there is something similar in other Universes & dimensions. Our Creator must have made a lot of them & enjoys watching us. I wonder, what appeared first: the world or a mirror reflecting it?

Maria KethuProfumo


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Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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19 Responses to Old Mirrors: Windows with Forgotten Views

  1. A very interesting post, Maria. I also love old mirrors although I have never thought about them in quite this way.

  2. Tina Schell says:

    Very interesting indeed – had never thought of that. In my previous home I had a gorgeous, huge antique mirror that was so large we had to leave it behind for the new owners. Heavens knows what it had seen before we purchased and hung it!

  3. fulvialuna1 says:

    Il creatore del mondo, che ha dato alito agli artigiani che hanno creato specchi fantastici dove si sono riflessi e si riflettono tante vite…

  4. Such fascinating reflections about mirrors, Maria! 🙂

  5. I just have a plain unframed mirror to sing into, how do bad energies get trapped?

  6. theburningheart says:

    Ah! The great mystery of the mirror…In ancient times people grasped the magic of the mirror. The great Andalusian Muslim Master Ibn Arab used often the analogy of the mirror to explain the Reality of things,

    Thank you Maria for such a nice post. 🙂

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