Our Fairy Tale Hero On Guard

I wonder who was that cruel man dared to add a weird prefix ‘Fairy’ to such a rich heritage as folklore tales. These stories are far more than encyclopedias of human experience. They reflect the mentality of each nation as well as they teach the right cultural values. In any case, in the 20th century we get into contact with various magic creatures & heroes at early age, when we’re still unable to realize the tale depth & its meaning. Its heroes are usually fed with our own imagination, so at the result we get a very curious phenomenon: a piece of our own personality transformed & represented as a fairy tale hero. As a rule, we’re attracted with somebody good, strong, brave, wise, etc., these are true Spiritual values we, men, must cultivate into. A rare one would enjoy those who do some evil and it proves that our Souls are pure when we’re born & we have a kind of Spiritual immunity until the certain age.

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that in most cases there is only one favourite hero or a set of ones with similar features? We are attracted by a character with qualities that awake something important in our Soul. This very hero makes us become what we’re. Moreover he is always with us no matter our age. I’ve made my own experiment by questioning various adult people as well as my friends & relatives about their fairy tale heroes. I was very surprised to learn that almost all of them saved its image in their hearts and tried to make it true in their own life. I guess it’s good that great heroes & stories of the past inspire us so much that when we become mature we try to be alike. It means that tales are always on guard protecting humankind from falling.

Nevertheless, why are there bad people or people doing evil? May be they have simply forgotten their favourite hero or left him in a place he can’t return from…

Maria KethuProfumo


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9 Responses to Our Fairy Tale Hero On Guard

  1. You raise a very good point, Maria. We are definitely attracted to a very specific type of hero. Heroines also have a very specific profile and I am not as happy about that.

  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    I think some people are attracted to the “wrong” type of hero from a very young age and then try to shape their characters accordingly.

  3. smilecalm says:

    these words leave no doubt, Maria
    that there’s a true fairy heroine here
    providing insight for us
    to bring virtue into everyday life 🙂

  4. theburningheart says:

    As Humans, specially when we are children we are innocent, and naturally inclined to Heroic deeds, and to be easily inspired by it, my love of reading started at a young age by reading all sort of books with all kinds of adventures, where the role of the Hero was prominent, and with my brothers, and friends, we replicated in our games their adventures, you could say, that my idealistic character it’s due to that large influence on my life, sort of a Hero’s journey, paraphrasing Joseph Campbell.

    Thank you Maria for such a nice post. 🙂

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