Sacred Meaning of a Doll

Dolls are sacred. Ancient societies made their numerous gods like ones & worshiped them, thus they kept the magic connection that a doll created between a man & the Divine.

A doll is a very special toy. In fact it’s far more than a toy, it’s our first key to understanding what we’re & in what way we differ from the rest creatures of the world. When a child gets a doll, he encounters with himself. And this impression, mostly forgotten by us, forms our perception of the family & the human reality we live in.

First the doll helps us to comprehend our anatomy, then to learn about gender distinction as well as the model of a family and finally to develop our personality. It’s important that first dolls should be made of fabric & have no face. The doll’s mission at the early age is to give us the right impression of a human being and to develop our imagination. From 3 years old & up when the child starts learning the world around, baby dolls are perfect. By the way, they say that even boys must play with the dolls. It helps to develop their personality better. From 6 years old & up any kind of dolls with complicated clothes, utensils, their own house are recommended. So, following these easy steps a child will grow up a harmoniously developed person.

Well…in case if the doll is positive, he will certainly will. In our age of countless perils, we should be extra careful. Not each doll fits for a child & contributes to form the right attitude to the world. Without saying best dolls are those that are made of natural materials (wood, fabric, with porcelain parts). Natural materials are warm and they pass their warm energy to the child. Plastic has its advantages too & there are a lot of beautiful dolls made from, but it doesn’t create a similar energy exchange. A good doll must look like a girl or a boy & by no means have any evident signs of sexuality or remind of a monster.

Here it’s time to mention Barbie. Honestly as many of that mainstream Barbie generations, I’ve never thought that playing with Barbie might hurt. Recent studies provide rather curious & sad information about a negative impact of that doll. Here are some key points: Barbie distorts the right perception of the body. Barbie forms deep psychological complexes. In fact it’s impossible to play with her. Barbie world exists to fulfil the wishes of the doll.  She learns you to be a good service staff. She has evident signs of sexuality that has a negative influence on the child too. Besides if you read her story, you would hardly have a wish to give it to your daughter.

Another menace of our time are dolls monsters Monster High, Bratz, dolls-cats, etc. Whenever I see these creatures in a toyshop, I shiver, for I can’t imagine what will become of a girl playing with all these treasures! What a deep psychological trauma she might have in the future if her dolls are monsters & sleep in coffins! Besides all these creatures are vulgar & deprive the girl of the right perception of feminity. The world still needs real women, so we, adults, should avoid similar toy extremes.

With age dolls become our friends. They keep our most precious secrets, Perhaps, they even know us better than we think. And their sacred meaning is growing. Whenever we hold them, the past becomes alive again. We see it in fresh colours through the doll, a great guardian of Time.

Do you still keep your old dolls? I would be curious to learn of them. 🙂

PS. On the photo: Pandora, the 18th century wooden dolls. 

Maria KethuProfumo


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19 Responses to Sacred Meaning of a Doll

  1. adhandmade says:

    The importance of toys in the development of an individual is great .. Really, they must be selected correctly ..
    I never played with barbie baby toy.. And yes, I still have old baby toys .. They have a memory for me.. 🙂 🙂
    With love.. ❤

  2. Aquileana says:

    Excellent post…. the symbolism and value of dolls goes back in time, probably to ancient civilizations…. There is always a certain aura when it comes to dolls, as they represent girls or “women” (as it happens with Barbies). so the Projection and identification are unavoidable. I second your post as to “Barbies”, I had those kind of dolls when I was a kid, and maybe I felt I wanted to be like them, somehow… I understand that they might lead to a disorted image of girls´bodies, though… However, there are many similar influences to consider, I guess.
    Love & best wishes ⭐

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thank you for your point of view, dear Aquileana.
      Regarding ‘Barbies’: we simply have to keep this information in mind for our children to suffer less in our crazy time.
      When Monster High etc must be forbidden. Necrophilia for children is too much! 🙂
      Have a nice week!

    • kethuprofumo says:

      By the way, what was your favourite doll? Do you still keep it?

      • Aquileana says:

        I had many!….. No, I have teddy bears though… but dolls were probably missed along the way 😉 I have a few little dolls with national costumes for different countries. Those ones were among my favorites. 😀 xx

      • kethuprofumo says:

        Great! Dolls in traditional costumes are the best! 🙂 And teddy bears too 🙂 I craft toys that’s why I’m so curious to learn about other people’s preferences in this field. 🙂

  3. fulvialuna1 says:

    ho sempre giocato con le bambole, ne ho avute diverse, la mia preferita era Silvia, con mia mamma gli cucivamo i vestiti, ma ho giocato anche con automobili, soldatini e pistole; mia figlia anche ha giocato con le bambole, ha avuto Barbie e Bratza, non ha avuto alcun complesso o distorsione perchè ogni gioco, ogni oggetto che tocca il bambino va spiegato e presentato con le giuste parole, ogn gioco va presentato al bambino per quello che è: un gioco.
    Bellissimo post, bellissima l’immagine che hai scelto.
    PS non ci trovo nulla di strano che un bambino maschio giochi con le bambole…è la realtà.

  4. I had Sindy dolls and Barbie dolls and loved dressing them up, changing their clothes and playing action games with them with my brother who had action men, and an action figure with a squishy green gooze body, we would make cardboard assault courses for them with zip lines and nets for them to crawl under, my Barbie drove Action mans jeep 😆. I also had porcelains posh dolls off my Grandma they’re still on the shelf now getting dusted at my Mums, she wanted to put them away but I didn’t want to, they used to scare my little brother he said they stared at him, so we put one on top of his wardrobe once so when he got in his bunk bed he could see it 😂.

    My Mum bought me an art doll, made to look like me for my 21st from a blog friend it’s like those in your picture.

  5. You are very right about Barbie and Bratz. I don’t like them either. I have a big collection of dolls which I am writing about weekly.

  6. theburningheart says:

    Very nice, and informative post about dolls Maria, I really enjoyed it. As a child boys were not supposed to play with dolls, but we had plenty of toy soldiers, don’t know if that was good, putting warfare ideas on children, however I am a pacifist today. 🙂

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thank you, dear Mr. Brigido. Well… soldiers are still soldiers 🙂 I was surprised myself to discover in various researches on doll’s essence that boys had to plays with baby dolls. I think that it’s good when boys play in a real war between themselves being a bit older. For it helps to develop necessary male qualities, though, certainly, without cultivating love to violence.

  7. Hi Maria. Enjoyed your post. I’ve given most of my dolls to grown daughters already, but have a few left to share with a darling great-grand girl too. I also love paper dolls.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Hi, dear Bette! Hope you’re having wonderful summer time! Thanks for your story. Paper dolls are amazing! Besides you can draw clothes for them. It’s very exciting! 🙂

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