Toys As the Model of the World

The role of toys in our life is considerable. They are far more than objects. They’re instruments helping us to learn what we’re and to build a connection with the world. Any human life starts from a toy and our personal development depends much on what spirit it gives us. The toy creates a very powerful basis for anyone, so a positive one protects us from Evil since the first days of our life.  No one will grow up violent or aggressive if he has spent his childhood playing in peaceful games & with toys that has been a true mirror of Good. Some of us keep our toys for many years or even for the whole life & I think that it’s another evidence of their sacral nature, for we could hardly remember how they came into our life, what exactly we did with them, while the warmth of their soul, (believe me any toy has it), stays with us for ever.

Traditionally we could divide toys into several groups: dolls, animals, vehicles, objects of everyday life & attributes of the epoch (weapons, etc. linked with the present period people live in. For example, mobiles for our hi-tech children might become ones, while for children of the past they might have been bows, shields, swords). Our hi-tech epoch seduces with all possible forms of childish “gadgets”: brightly coloured, perfectly shaped, made of safe easily washed materials. However…any toys of the kind are dead ones, for plastic & synthetic are artificial substances. These toys might seem attractive, but they will never give the child the warmth & the power that ones with the organic base have. Besides, they are intended to break our connection with nature & the world around. Why? They leave no space for imagination.

All the generations of our ancestors had their toys too. They were rather simple, but very educative & developed childish fantasy rather well. Let’s examine the most essential ones:

Sticks. We may be surprised, nevertheless a simple stick represents a toy with infinitive variants of playing: a sword, a staff, a scroll with enchanted letters, a clock, a spade, etc.

Straw or clay animals. These kinds of toys are amazing not only due to materials they are made from, both straw & clay pass the warmth of Earth and their own shape opens an unexpected  fantasy world.

Any objects found in the wild: They are stones, leaves, snags, cones, shells, etc. All of them could be transformed in anything the child wanted. These examples are the most powerful ones, for they learned to respect the world around and to be grateful to it for all the precious gifts it gave.

A child grown up playing with objects of the kind has a completely different perception of the world. He understands that he is a part of this wonderful planet, he respects it & won’t let it be hurt or abused. As well when he is grown up, all the toys given by nature, return to it without needing any recycling. Good things are always simple. Keep your kids away of the plastic empire, for it’s will be their task to protect the Earth sooner or later.

Maria KethuProfumo




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22 Responses to Toys As the Model of the World

  1. Great post, Maria! 🙂 Sharing…

  2. fulvialuna1 says:

    Mia figlia ha giocato con ogni tipologia di giocattoli, ma anche con tutto ciò che la nostra casa e la natura gli metteva a disposizione.
    Giocare è fondamentale, allarga la mente, sviluppa la fantasia, la manualità, la creatività, la consapevolezza dei proprilimiti e delle proprie possibilità, ci da uno strumento per testare le predisposizioni…Ma non dimentichiamoci che giocare con i propri figli è davero fondamentale e spiegare loro alcuni giocattoli è importante.

  3. Wonderful post Maria!

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thank you! The straw toys on the picture are modern, real. If you want, I could share the link with the tutorial of simple ones. It’s an easy & funny crafts. Children will be amazed.

  4. So beautiful ❤ ❤

  5. This is such an interesting post, Maria. I absolutely love dolls and bears. I agree with your thoughts in this post.

  6. smilecalm says:

    so wonderfully playful,
    even though you’re not
    playing around, Maria 🙂

  7. kutukamus says:

    The ‘nature-based’ toys indeed have their virtues 🍸

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