Sigismund – a Hero of Lettuce Fields

Esteemed Readers, be very careful & very attentive when you unseal a pack of fresh salad mix…Because you might discover there something or better to say somebody. And this creature might be alive! That’s how I got acquainted with Sigismund, an unexpected pet in my life.

It was late winter when another pack of salad mix appeared in the fridge. So I unsealed it, put some on the plate. The verdure was extremely fresh and bright. It created very spring mood. I seasoned it, add some oil, prepared to taste the most delicious mix of all the times and suddenly the fork met with something hard. I removed lettuce pieces and saw it! It was a snail shell. It made a very pitiful impression for it was all cracked, smashed in some parts. When my amusement had been over, I paid attention that the shell was not empty. There was somebody inside. And he was still alive! Having realized it, I took the snail out of the plate and put him in a big pot with our hibiscus flower. Rather soon the being showed itself: it was a real snail, alive and rather curious I must admit. I talked with it a bit and it seemed to me it was even pleased. And though I’m not a specialist in snail gender, I called it Sigismund.

A pet turned out to be very active. Within few days he got used to me and crawled actively around the pot at my presence. I started watching his behaviour and learned so many amazing things about the snail life:

  • Snails are not slow! On the contrary they move rather fast.
  • Snails are curious: Sigismund liked to discover new places, that’s why it was a problem to find him. He could hide in a very unexpected place around the kitchen.
  • Snails like the sun, but they are very active at night.
  • Snails adore cucumbers and other water vegetables.
  • Snails restore cracks in their shells by means of their own saliva. In the same way they increase the size of their shell.

By summer Sigismund got recovered. His shell was in a perfect condition and he himself was rather happy and bold to meet friends in the wild. We brought him in the country where, as I hope, he met a beautiful she-snail and made his own family. I remember him as a real hero, for only God knows what he has passed through in the lettuce fields and during terrible expectation in the sealed pack of salad mix.

Maria KethuProfumo

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26 Responses to Sigismund – a Hero of Lettuce Fields

  1. Wonderfully informative and humorous too… Well done, Maria! 🙂 xo

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  3. adhandmade says:

    Unexpected a guest and an interesting experience 🙂 very nice post..
    Happy weekend.. with love.. ❤

  4. Nice post Maria!!!

  5. Interesting story, really enjoyed reading it! 😀

  6. I just loved this story, I didn’t know they could fix their shells 🐌

  7. fulvialuna1 says:

    Bellissima e dolcissima questa storia!
    Mia figlia ha allevato per un mese due lumache piccole piccole che aveva trovato in un sacchetto dell’immondizia, quando ha ritenuto essere pronte le abbiamo messe nel nostro giardino…e chissà dove sono. Mi auguro attaccate al nostro cactus gigante insieme a molte altre che ormai lo hanno colonizzato.

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