Bates Method – Effective Way For Sight Improving

Esteemed Readers, I wonder how many of you have heard of William Bates, a talented American ophthalmologist who has developed a wonderful system of eye exercises to improve the sight. Doctor Bates considered that one of the main problems of bad sight was tension caused by various conditions. He was very negative to glasses for they stopped normal eye activity, thus made eyesight worse.

Exercises he offers in his book are very simple & very effective, though in the very beginning one might face discomfort, eye pain, excessive tearing. The eyes seem to resist its natural functioning destroyed by glasses or lenses wearing. Within a couple of months all negative sides will pass and here the most interesting will start: eyes will get less fatigue, tension will disappear, there will be first signs of real sight improvement.

I have been practicing Bates Method for several years & confess that it has changed my eyes to the better. As well it’s given me an opportunity to work more effectively in those fields that demand big eye tension. I can’t say that making the exercises you will get rid of glasses for ever, but they will certainly do you a world of good.

Editions of Doctor William Bates’s book are named: Perfect Sight Without Glasses or Better Sight Without Glasses

The Wikipedia link about the Method:

And I wish you better sight from all point of view & on any occasion! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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10 Responses to Bates Method – Effective Way For Sight Improving

  1. Wonderful information! Thank you for sharing them Maria!

  2. I’ll pass this on, I have many musician friends who read music in bad light so start having vision problems

  3. fulvialuna1 says:

    Ne ho sentito parlare e mi sono incuriosita, quindi tu mi consigli di provare?

  4. theburningheart says:

    Never heard of Bates method, however know by experience that lenses make worst your condition, and therefore abandon them many years ago, and my condition if not improved, at least has not further deteriorate. 🙂

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