Feast is a True Sense of Joy

What is a feast? It’s happiness, joy, pleasure. More feasts we experience, more emotions we get…and more we want to have them again & again. Any celebration reminds a good drug, even funerals are not exception.

Our hi-tech civilization adore feasts. It creates them even from air. If we read a common calendar we would be surprised to learn how many ‘important’ events we miss to celebrate. As well we’re stimulated to feast any kind of personal events to feel normal members of our society. It’s certainly great to enjoy oneself at somebody’s birthday, graduation party, marriage, even funerals…However there is one moment we must pay attention to: any feast means expenses. More they’re, better it’s considered to be. This circumstance makes upset, for what should people do if they’re short of money? Should they deprive themselves of a chance to feel happiness, joy, pleasure & on what grounds, if we all have Divine rights on these feelings?

Modern feasts mean gifts as well. The present industry holds us tight, imposing  any kind of objects possible & the idea that the best gift must be expensive, rare, precious or at least of a good brand. As well they must follow a trend. Sad, isn’t it? Hi-tech civilization calls us to forget all hand-made, simple & really coming from Soul to make a good turnover on articles that bear no human warmth, Spiritual sense, vital energy. Trendy manufactured objects are only objects, they add us no wisdom, no beauty, no joy.

Anyway, now let’s see what is an ordinary celebration: rather old, mature & seems to be intelligent people gather together, they eat, they drink, they dance, they sing, they praise the one who has paid all that den.Sometimes it comes to blows. Then amnesia begins & headache due to hangover. It’s so odd that  glorious feast opening leads to such a disastrous ending! And the questions raises: what is the sense of that celebration? Where are feelings of happiness & joy that must be? Or perhaps we mix them it with a simple wish to satisfy our natural instincts?

For the feast means simply a true sense of pure joy we feel any moment we do something good to our world. Any good thought & a deed give rise to it in the very bosom. It’s irrelevant to material values & it gives us a chance to learn to enjoy simple, but true things around. And then this joy moves to others. When we notice that we experience an extraordinary flight of Soul. And that very instance happiness is born…

Maria KethuProfumo




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6 Responses to Feast is a True Sense of Joy

  1. Aquileana says:

    “For the feast means simply a true sense of pure joy we feel any moment we do something good to our world”: that is a beautiful way to say it!…. Our society is trained to create consumers, but at the end of the day what we “truly” keep are the memories and feelings (and this even apply to shallow people, I firmly believe it! 😉 ) …. sending love! 😀

  2. Toortsie says:

    As you say, a feast has to be joyful.

  3. Such important reflections about the joy feasts can represent. For some reason, your words reminded me of a song my granddaughter learned to play for Christmas – Good King Wencelas (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_King_Wenceslas). It was a great lesson. Sharing one’s bounty with those in need can be a joyful way to give of oneself and help others at the same time. 🙂

  4. theburningheart says:

    The gift value it’s not on the tag price, but in the sincerity of the heart, offering it. 🙂

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