Dragon Weep on Chevalerie

Oh, what a grief! What sadness! In far lands, in lonely mountains, in cold slimed caves, in dark forests modern dragons commit suicides & die due to boredom. Haven’t you heard that? All that is because no chevalier comes to fight with them anymore…

Old Dragon generation tells youth about fearless warriors, who had fought with might & man against dragon kind, protecting their Faith, King, Land & Lady Love. Sometimes they had come to fight a dragon to improve their battles skills or for some other important chevaliers’ reasons.What glorious & stately they had been! What brave names they had been called: Roland, el Cid, Lancelot, Beowulf… They had known to impress in the battle so much that any dragon had been honoured to give all his fire & skin after having been won.

Young dragons are indeed amazed. Where are they, these courageous warriors? The ones who have no fear, know to be responsible before God, Land & their family? The ones who display courage making their decisions, keep their faith & word… They’ve never seen them around the areas they live. And those dragons who tried to search them out, (against parents’ will, of course) met only frightened chevalier-like beings, who either ran away screaming or made selfie with odd rectangular objects named ‘smartphones’.

Most progressive dragons, those who learned to navigate the Internet, have found out that modern chevaliers have nothing in common with characters from old tattered books. They worship the golden calf, prefer a land of pleasure to fight, idleness to toil, empty promises to the word of honour, affairs without any obligations to serious & stable serving to his King & Lady. Besides they’re afraid of dentists, sudden babies, venereal diseases  & death. That’s why they smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs & have numerous love affairs.  And what is the oddest: they fear no dragons! Simply because they can kill one any time they want…in their favourite computer game, of course.

Young dragons are sad. They gather together & weep…They dream so much to behold a chevalier with a drawn sword, riding a horse with a cry: ‘Mont Joy, Saint Denys!‘  The one who has passed all the perils, who has arrived to them to perform a deed! And they would behold wisdom & fearlessness in his eyes, boldness & chivalry while fighting. And they would give all the fire from their bosom & their own dragon lives for these brave men…Who are certainly still wandering somewhere in the XXI century.  It’s just their navigators are to be blamed for they are always showing wrong directions!

Maria KethuProfumo


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10 Responses to Dragon Weep on Chevalerie

  1. theburningheart says:

    I am afraid you where born a few Centuries too late Maria! 🙂

  2. Timeless writing for me. Love it!

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