At Present: Age of Spiritual Disability


Our progress society plays so high missionary work, advancing a ‘right’ idea concerning a society open for everybody. By the last one the LGBT and other odd creatures are usually comprehended…Indeed. How can it be otherwise at age of hi-tech progress? Nevertheless this picture makes sad, for what Spirit, what values and morals can they share? And I wonder in what way. A good example is George Michael’s death that took place recently. What a musician he used be! And what his end is!

So, straying us from God, hi-tech society promotes the idea of equality of any good vice could be found in our society. They are demonstrated as conduct standards of today…Well, I guess anyone who still has good Spirit in his soul and heart would protest. And he would be right. However…the problem is not only in vices we allow ourselves to be ruled over us. The problem is in our personal Spiritual Disability.

Indeed, one must have courage to accept it…But we must do it. At least to be honest with ourselves. Loosing the contact with Divine, (here I mean Divine in its full sense, in Cosmic scale), permitting consumption and low morals of capturing us, we become not better than our odd representatives from the open society. The only difference is that they’ve passed the red line, while we balance somewhere nearby.

Strangely enough, we notice so many things around and do nothing. We criticize, but too often our critics is mostly fair-weather one. For to change something in the world, first of all we must change ourselves. To get true Spirit back, to remember how to do good deeds, etc. And it doesn’t mean to look for happiness, love, pleasures so promoted by the same open society. It means to require something more important: our true connection with Divine we have wasted so silly and vainly. We will never achieve anything proper without realizing the true sense of our essence and the true goal of our life path. And that’s possible only in case if we fight our Spiritual Disability. I guess, this fight, not easy and full of restrictions and pain, is the only way to transform reality of acceptable vices to reality of true virtues.

Maria KethuProfumo


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8 Responses to At Present: Age of Spiritual Disability

  1. smilecalm says:

    a deep reflection, Maria!
    perhaps when conditions
    no longer support being separate;
    when the electrical power, internet, & other modern
    convenience is gone,
    those who remain
    will again live as ancestors,
    in the grace of nature and the desert’s harshness
    humbly succumbing to the spiritual & Divine 🙂

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thank you.
      well….why so harsh? The problem of our society is lack of virtues. And there are no obstacles why we should cancel them living in high-tech reality. The point is not to replace the truth with fake.

      People used to live without modern conveniences for centuries….And it’s a big question whether what we call ‘comfort’ is as good for us as we think.

  2. Leya says:

    Love this post. I used to think the only way to save the Earth is to rid itself of humans. There are good people, most of us are good…but, we have almost lost ethics, morals, virtues, Everything that originally should make us human. It is easy to lose faith in humanity – especially these days when populism is growing.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thank you, dear Leya. I used to share the same thought of yours several years ago.But then I realized that the only way to change it to start with yourself. And now I see the world better around. And people are better. And they want to become better. I guess each Soul suffers from despair observing the world around. We must train our Spirit. It will point the right way to re-become human again.

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