Appeal to Women of the World: Return from a Shopping Wonderland


Our planet still suffers difficult times. There is too little light and too much darkness, too little truth and too many lies around. A fountain of violence, misunderstanding, mental weakness and stupidity is overflowing. We suffocate under an oppressive informational field, blocking our brains with senseless & unnecessary information. We have too little space to live and too much time to run in a wasteful current of life which is not life itself but a perversion. We search for somebody to be blamed and we find them. We notice all wrong things around. However, more we notice, more we realize that the part a woman plays in this anarchic mess is enormous.

Look, what she is today: arrogant, selfish, uncompromising, rowdy, using all her intelligence for trifles, either vulgar or pretending to be saint, demanding, with little sense of beauty & light, impatient, without showing respect to her partner. A woman who doesn’t know the sense of love, patience, care, compassion. The one who perceives man like a carpet, lack him of warmth and support he needs so much every day to become a real brave one indeed. The one who shows scorn to her own children, who hates them in the very depth of her well-dressed body. The one who hates the world too, who looks at it with empty eyes embraced with richly make-up eye lids. She seems a true fleur de mal of the globalization crisis time…

Indeed so sad it is. It’s so sad that many women extinguish fire of life & true love inside. It’s sad that they are unaware of true feelings, of self-sacrifice, of true patience and care. It’s sad that they practice little their femininity through simple things, female crafts & entertainments. Indeed simplicity makes a woman attractive. True words and wisdom makes her an object of adoration. A good service to her husband makes her a good wife.

Esteemed Women, remember the light that exist inside each of you and return from the wonderland of synthetic pleasures. The world calls for you!

Maria KethuProfumo

About kethuprofumo

Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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4 Responses to Appeal to Women of the World: Return from a Shopping Wonderland

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  3. theburningheart says:

    I like that you look for truth rather than artifice, despite the fact we live in a World where values had been discarded, by selfish pursuits. 🙂

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