Dear Bloggers,

Blogging doesn’t mean only writing, it is reading as well. And good reading certainly changes our life to the better.  Milorad Pavic used to say: there are more talented Readers than Authors’. So, tell us what kind of Reader you are and be awarded as an honoured Reader.

Terms of Participation:

  1. Let us know that you wish to participate in our award: leave us a comment to this post or confirm a personal invitation you’ve got.
  2. Write a post explaining why you’re a talented Reader and what good experience you’ve got through blog reading. Name the post ‘On Eternamenta Awards’. Send us a link.
  3. Inform any 5 bloggers (certainly good Readers too) about our award for them to participate too. You might simply mention them in your post.

The voting period starts the 1st of December of 2016 and ends the 28th of January of 2017.

Winners will be announced during the first week of March via a post in our blog and a personal message to them.

Our award is non commercial; however we guarantee some nice special Readers’ prizes.

Good luck to all!

Best Regards,



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  1. Maria, thanks for your invitation to participate in the Eternamenta Awards: Most Talented Reader. While I appreciate what you are attempting to achieve, I believe that all readers are winners in their quest for knowledge, truth, and self-discovery.

  2. Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author & Columnist says:

    Hello Maria,

    Thanks to Kendall, he let me know about this and your message left on his blog. WHEW!
    I would love to participate as I read a lot of good books and am an avid reader and Thank You for the Invite. I too think all readers are special and as an author myself, our books without readers wouldn’t be read or reviewed. So I depend on avid readers “-)

    And not just addiction/recovery books. I enjoy all types of books and now help all Authors over on my new revamped Book Blog “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den” formerly “Lyon Book Promotions.”

    If any of your visitors are authors? They can now come and learn for free some good advice and tips as where and how to promote their new books here: and I have an excellent “Hot Book Picks” page too with fantastic new reads.

    Now that I am a new Columnist and Asst. Editor and writing recovery articles FT, i decided to revamp my book blog into a “Pay it Forward” for authors to come learn a little of how to promote their books! So stop by ALL Authors and Readers 🙂

    Thanks Again Maria,

    Author & Columnist, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

  3. Thank you kindly for the mention of my blog! I appreciate it!

  4. Thank you so much for the kind invitation! I believe you can escape to other worlds when you read. And who doesn’t wish to travel a thousand lives?

  5. smilecalm says:

    smiling to your kind gesture, Maria!
    while my blog does not accept awards
    i’m feeling honored and wish
    all feel like winners 🙂

  6. kethuprofumo says:

    Good luck with your projects!

    Best regards,

  7. Maria,

    I’m the Owner / Creator of Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC (S.U.M), and while I appreciate the invitation you extended to S.U.M, I feel it’s inappropriate for primarily, one reason;

    S.U.M is a small-knit group of writers and self-published authors who focus on producing engaging content for every walk of life — Were moreso writers than readers. We have little time to read for the simple fact we’re too busy writing.

    I’m a Self-Published Author of 4 books, and I’m working on my 5th, with at least 2 more in the planning stage. I’m also a Freelance Writer, and again, I’m the Owner of S.U.M, which is a licensed and registered small business. I finance S.U.M 110% out-of-pocket, so needless to say, when I’m not writing (or even when I am), I’m pertaining to the many responsibilities of starting, managing, and owning a small business.

    Most of my writers are early in their writing careers, and working with S.U.M is their first time writing within a structured writing environment. With that in mind, I don’t understand how S.U.M qualifies for ‘The Most Talented Reader’ Award. Once again, I’m truly appreciative for the mention, but S.U.M’s focusing is again, creating & producing content, not necessarily focusing solely on reading. There’s definitely reading involved in what we do, but we simply don’t have time to be ‘avid’ blog readers… we’re avid writers, aspiring authors, and self-published authors.

    Thank you again,
    F. Kenneth Taylor ~ Owner; Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC

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  11. Toortsie says:

    Thank you for inviting me! My entry for the Eternamenta blog awards:

  12. psizan says:

    Thanks for the invitation

  13. AWETHENTIQ says:

    Hello Maria, thanks for the invitation, sorry I only got to have Internet now again…..this is Africa!

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