Why We Must Respect the History



The Chaos of the World calls us to be alert. At present when vices are praised, values are surrogated, when there are no pure black & white, history might become the guide that will lead us to the light. In fact, it’s the greatest treasure of humanity, our only devoted friend, an amazing kaleidoscope of epochs & events, personalities & their deeds. We must be grateful to it, for history knowledge facilitates considerably the present and build the proper future. The point is to apply it right.

Certainly, it’s difficult to us, staying centuries away, to value right this or that historical event, but at least we can see, analyse and realize what is really right or wrong. The wheel of history is static. Sooner or later it passes the same points and makes humanity be responsible for learned lessons. And we will have to obey it, no matter how much some people try to colour or to change the real state of past affairs.

Those who shift the truth with lies are likely afraid the reality both of the past and of the present. They might believe that their opinion, which sometimes might destroy the whole epochs or even worse to defame a noble personality, would make a world of good. They might believe that this approach means the liberty of speech. That’s nonsense, for these people didn’t create the events they judge, they didn’t know persons they dare to defame. Even if one declares that his opinion is the recollections of his past reincarnation.

History always demands respect. And the last one does exists in the depth of our hearts. For how can we be ungrateful to our ancestors, to great kings and their warriors who have made our world so noble and grand? We should be grateful even to the darkest times for only in the whole obscurity the true essence of light might be learned.

Maria KethuProfumo


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8 Responses to Why We Must Respect the History

  1. smilecalm says:

    may it be so,
    someday soon 🙂

  2. marzia says:

    Maria, history will know be a teacher of life to guide, but who’s listening?

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Dear Marzia, in any epoch there always are those who listen to it. Moreover they make conclusions and don’t allow the world to fall into the darkness. Each of us is responsible for the past. Each of us is responsible for the present and for the future. And each of us changes the course of events with worthy thoughts & deeds.
      Best regards,

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