Internet for Good


The most significant invention of XXI century has definitely changed the life of humanity. It has provided us unlimited opportunities and has broadened our mind once and for all. This new infinite reality is similar to the ocean: amazing treasures are kept in the depth of its informational field.

And all this is certainly great, except one ‘But’: the surface is horribly polluted with articles and thoughts unwanted and unnecessary. One will object declaring that we all are its masters and make own decisions how to use it, however there is a vulnerable type of people (children, teenagers and those who trust what they see) and it would hardly occur to their mind that the good essence is hidden and one must make an effort to discover it. Unfortunately the surface not only distorts  our perception of the reality as well it aims at making us believe that its fake sparklings are rare diamonds and pearls. Fortunately people usually become enlightened concerning it….The point is how much time it requires.

And now let’s imagine Internet with its true treasures on the surface, perhaps, one of the future. The one accessible for good education, self-development, spiritual and professional growth only. The one spoken in exalted language, full of aesthetic images which might claim to become pure objects d’art, true music and video with high moral context,  the space which radiates bliss, serenity and wisdom. Impossible, do you think? On the contrary! It might indeed be one day if we wish to create it.

Maria KethuProfumo





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