Freedom of expression or praise of calumny?

The Convention on Human Rights declares the freedom of expression for everyone. This statement makes ponder. What should be comprehended under it in our age of anarchy of morals? What are the limits of this freedom and do they actually exist? 464.gulistan

Looking around one may clearly notice the world plunging into a global informational field which distort notions and facts as well as poisons minds. Getting some information now is similar to take a drug. Most choice the one which brings to pleasure no matter it’s temporary. Being under pressure from the freedom of expression it’s more complicated to catch the meaning of important, to distinguish the Truth from a lie of a calumny. The last ones are a part of the freedom of expression as well, aren’t they? However how many of us think of honour and dignity nowadays? These notions are dissolving in rushing of hi-tech reality.

This topic acquires a far interesting aspect concerning history and its interpretation. Modern Historians, who have re-placed the canons with their private opinions, are pioneers of an extraordinary approach. Some ones are so diligent that re-write whole epochs.

Notwithstanding, a calumny is a calumny, a lie is a lie and to defame somebody means to bear a certain responsibility for that.

Maria KethuProfumo

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2 Responses to Freedom of expression or praise of calumny?

  1. theburningheart says:

    Yes Maria things are very complicated, I wrote a post on September, 2011 titled: Mythology Vs History a Rationale of Being, related to this subject.

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