Accept Reality as it is

I wonder whether it’s possible for a Western person who can’t stop making his dreams come true. Locked in an artificial rush of civilization which is already consuming us as it wants, we face various form of realities, but they aren’t authentic for they have been invented by people, for people and against people. The mass media urge us to keep the line in worldwide rush for better future, for better family, for our wishes all to happen. They use a countless number of ways to persuade even a weak mind that we MUST DO it.  The temptation is so high that a rare one can resist. So, we follow this way and we notice dissapointment seize us. Most things we do seem to be done wrong. We follow generally accepted ways but they don’t make us happier. Why?lumaca1

Have you ever seen  hermits, common people from the Orient? All of them still keep the strong connection with Nature and with Spirit. They never rush anywhere, they know to enjoy contemplation both sunrise and rain. They are gladden with this world for what they observe is the only Reality which exists on Earth. It’s the one which is not built on any illusions, artificial wishes and needs, moreover not on money. They could become perfect examples for us as to accept Reality as it’s is the only way to live this life.

Blessed be those who have done it. Blessed be those who will do it.

Maria KethuProfumo


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