Many faced Evil


The present world more and more remind of first Apocalypse Days. Evil is celebrating its victory everywhere. It has thrown its veil off baring its ugliness and insolence. It’s difficult to believe that little time ago the same evil seemed to be so pious and caused far more friendly feelings. Oh, well. All it needed was to dim our mind to possess it afterwards.

Realising the real state of affairs one feels betrayed. It seems in this whirl of lies and double standards there is no more place for anything pure. All around is muddied, so better will never come…But why do we sense so? Who betrayed us? May be it comes from our own cowardice, as we have allowed the situation to have immersed?

Whatever it’s, there is no time for fear or for regret. The only way not let the light to put out in our Souls is to resist the impact of Evil. It’s not easy as Evil of today lie in wait for us even in less expected places. We shouldn’t allow it neither to erase our memory nor to pervert our common sense. Let the Faith be with us…

Maria Kethuprofumo


About kethuprofumo

Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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