Museums Day by Day

chateau-versailles-geant-bosquet-encelade‘If we had indeed respected our past we wouldn’t have created museums.’

It’s time to appeal to the world with this quote, for my heart is bleeding to behold in what tourists turn masterpieces of different epochs. Thousands of feet, flashes, screams disturb solemn edifices daily. Have our ancestors been prepared for such a turn of history? I doubt. They had been creating palaces and castles leisurely to glorify their century, while the only thing we do is turning into dust their rich heritage.

Look at the people in museums. The majority has a very empty glance, for it visits them due to vanity or curiosity. Few ones’re indeed interested in history and have a solid cultural background. Besides, in our digital age everything is available on-line. So, do we indeed should travel to the other side of the world to help the Louvre or the Saint Paul’s Cathedral to be ruined faster?

Imagine, a simple museum day. People, people, people…Fuss, noise, smells…How miserable it must feel! Moreover that nobody request whether it desires to receive so many guests.

Culture has never meant making money. It’s essence is creation, reflection of different forms of Divine Inspiration. We must remember that and change our attitude to so-called tourists attractions. Castles, palaces and picture galleries aren’t obliged to us. These are we who should be obliged to our ancestors for making them.

Maria KethuProfumo



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