DALIDA. Absolute Femininity.

DalidaThis magnificent woman is not only an example of a rare talent, but also of an extreme elegance. Each her appearance on the stage was like a miracle, as, in fact, she was the miracle herself. Her gowns can’t help amazing. A great taste is felt not only in the way they’re made, but also in the way she wore them. And these dresses seem something fabulous in comparison with outfits of modern pop-stars, who, surely, prefer, to jump on the stage voiceless, uncombed and in underpants. Do they indeed think that a real femininity looks like that? They must have never seen her, a magnificent arabic woman, an  icone of the true elegance, who used to charm the world with her terrific songs. Well…not everything is so bad. Gays and Drug Queens do remember Dalida and try to imitate her. But I believe that it’s a certain perversion. Dalida was born not to promote the gay anti-culture. She came to this world to demonstrate power, talent and elegance of a female being.

Maria KethuProfumo

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Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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