Fashion advertising: Vogue vs Intellect

There is no more need in horror movies. Open any fashion magazine and here it’s. scrutinizing these anorexic naked photoshoped bodies and truly grud-adict face expression,  I ask myself: “What do marketologists of vogue industry want to tell me by this terrible and vulgar pictures?”


I wonder who can be these people, which have lowered down so much the pure image of a true woman and have created a vulgar monster out of her. Moreover, they support and develop it persistently from season to season, as if they want to prove that only this type of a woman is wanted.

And many ones, who believe in fashion as in religion, try to follow its way, sacrificing their natural beauty and intellect for so called ‘must have’ tendencies.

But what should an intelligent girl do, in case if she wants to be fashionable, but she can’t accept vulgarity of modern trends?How to have the style which will underline the authentic charm?

I believe that it’s time to return back to a sewing machine and to self-making clothes, as mass-industry is not ready to provide answers to these questions.

Maria Kethuprofumo


About kethuprofumo

Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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