25 ways to say OK

The word OK must be the most globalized and the most popular in comparison with other English words. Besides it has already been borrowed in many languages. We use quite often, if not to say too often leaving behind a chance to express ourselves clearer and in a more sophisticated way.

Here is a short list of OK adverb synonyms that could make our life brighter:

acceptably, adequately, agreed, all right, by all means, certainly, definitely, even so,  exactly,  fine, gladly, good,good enough, granted, just so, of course,  passably, positively, surely, tolerably, unobjectionably, very well, well enough, without a doubt, undoubtedly

Enjoy speaking English!

Maria KethuProfumo


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6 Responses to 25 ways to say OK

  1. Michael56j says:

    OK. I get it. 🙂
    Seriously, I agree. We tend to stick to the same words and phrases when we could be expanding the horizons of our vocabulary. Undoubtedly superior article. (Translation for the uninitiated: OK post) 😉

  2. Splendid proposal! I will attempt to corral my use of OK.

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